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    Tomas Bjerre

    You are not supporting CSS, you support a markup language that is similar to CSS, but not CSS.

    You should supply a specification of this markup language so that it can actually be used. Now it is just complete garbage since the developer has no idea of what it is capable of.

    I reported a bug in case 5977 and got this response: "EditLive does not support the use of multiple classes on a single element - this is why things are not rendering properly.".

    This means, for example, that the .inner.outer rule below does not work!

    .inner {
    background: red;
    .outer {
    background: green;

    .inner.outer {
    background: orange;
    <div class="outer">middle
    <div class="inner">inner</div>
    <hr />
    <div class="inner outer">inner and outer, should be orange but is not!</div>
    <div class="inner.outer">inner.outer should not be orange but is!</div>

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    Michael Fromin

    Tomas - 

    EditLive supports a subset of the complete CSS specification.  EditLive was designed as a tool for content authors to contribute information for use on the web - it is not intended to be an HTML authoring tool.  As such we have focused on the most common use cases for non-technical content authors and the scenario you have provided is simply one that we don't currently support.  

    I am happy to pass your request for multiple class support to our Product Manager as a potential enhancement to our CSS support in a future release of EditLive. 

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